When It’s Calm.

Peace, bringing it all to peace…

“Why do you love to stay up so late?” I prefer not going to bed early because I would rather experience the calmness at night than waste it by sleeping. At night when everyone else is sleeping, it is calm inside and it is calm outside and I can finally let out the breath I do not always realize I am holding onto all day long. It does sound ridiculous if you like to go to bed before twelve, or maybe it sounds like a luxury if unlike me you have a lot to do during the day and cannot keep your eyes open at night.

The rage in me to still…

Another reason would probably be that I cannot stop thinking…for the life of me I can not get my brain to shut up, ever! At school I am using my brain a lot day and night, because my brain is tasked with a lot of things. However, in the absence of school my thoughts whirl around in a seemingly endless cycle. And so I read books…again and again. If you ever wondered why I am obsessed with books? Well, there you go!

Once again, I will praise…

It is my birthday today, July 16th and I will be going back to Lancaster in four weeks, Ahhh! I have to resume early because I am going to be an RA next semester. I am excited to start another semester, another beginning. That excitement will probably wear of the first week of resumption but lets hold on to it for now. It has been a long break and I enjoyed it a lot. I got to spend time with the people I care about and I met new people I have started to hold close to my heart. I have also experienced a wide range of emotions during the break, more so than before. I feel excitement of which I already talked about, I also feel anxious which is normal because I start another school year with two jobs. I feel grateful because I received new scholarships but I also feel worry and fear because I still have a lot of tuition money to raise. I am scared but I have had time to talk to God and he has reminded me of who He is and that he is in control. I feel blessed because of the people God has given to me, how they have continued to support me without growing weary. I want to say thank you to everyone for not giving up, you don’t understand how much it means to me.


If you are reading this, I need your help in one of three ways. This would be a wonderful birthday present too. After scholarships and donations I still owe $8,530 for my tuition. This covers the entire year 2019/2020.

  1. PRAY for me as I raise funds for this next school year. Pray for those that God would spur to come alongside me this next year. Pray for my stress level during the school year too.
  2. DONATE to me through the C.A.R.E. Africa scholarship fund to help me pay my school fees. Link is https://give.icareafrica.org/careafrica/scholarship. No amount is too big or too small.
  3. SHARE about me on social media and or to your family and friends. Would you consider putting this link https://give.icareafrica.org/careafrica/scholarship on your social media page and asking everyone you know to consider donating, You could also do your own fundraiser and C.A.R.E. Africa can set up your own personal fundraising page that you can share with everyone you know. Just message me and I can set it up.


Thank you so much for helping make my birthday extra special this year in the U.S.A.


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