Small Memories, Big Memories

It is hard for people to believe in miracles these days. Humans no longer walk on water, the Red sea doesn’t need to be parted into two again because you can always just book a ticket and fly across the sea. Even some Christians are skeptical of miracles these days, mainly when it cannot be explained by science. Love is a miracle though, it cannot be fully explained by science and it is absolutely beautiful.

Most of my generation have misinterpreted the meaning of love, absolutely reconstructed the meaning that only a few will recognize it. Mostly we search for how another person makes us feel, how happy we become  in their presence, or even how much fun we can have with them. These can surely be part of it, but most of the time we forget that love is a verb and requires a lot of sacrifice.

The few days I have spent with the Riddle’s have made me recognize that love is a miracle, and it works wonders. From Testimony’s laughter, to Miracle’s dry jokes, or Finn’s absolute shrieks of delight. The confidence that is so obvious in them now that was not there before, and the smiles that now come easily to them. All these were really refreshing to me, we all made small and big memories together.

Look at them…you can almost hear their laughter..

We rode bicycles down the neighborhood with cold fingers, and listened to Testimony make Maui sounds every time we go down a free fall- ‘Cheeeee ooooo’. I watched Testimony interact with friends, and participate in different events with confidence. I had to endure Miracle’s constant repetition of a country song. It was refreshing to listen to Finn’s laugh every time I said ‘ridiculous’. I got this weird feeling in my chest when we had a sing-along to ‘a million dreams’ of the Greatest Showman soundtrack, while we were on our way to their school.

Love is definitely not about how happy or content another person makes you feel, it is how far you are willing to go for the sake of another individual. This is purely evident in the lives of the Riddle’s, in Nick & Katie’s fight to secure a better future for Testimony and Miracle. Their continuous love for them even when they had a valid reason to give up, and this inspires me. No wonder the Bible places so much emphasis on love, of course it is powerful and magical. But we throw around the word ‘love’ so much these days its easy to think it’s all about feeling, well it is not.

At Church for a Christmas dinner!!!

These few days with the Riddle’s have jarred me awake. The next time we tell ourselves we love someone, let us also remember to ask ourselves how far we are willing to go for that person. Peace y’all.



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