First Semester; Check!!!

I have been dancing around all afternoon ever since I wrote my last exam and came back home. My last update was five weeks ago, and it was all about waiting impatiently for the semester to be over. Well now it is!!

The last five weeks have been filled with series of events: my first snow, my trip to New York, Thanksgiving, and the wonderful concert organized by my school. As wonderful as it all sounds, it has also been a struggle for me. Like you probably know from my previous posts, God has been breaking me down and remolding me. We all know that is not always pleasant. I would say I am the sort of person that likes having all my plans laid out, and I am not really fond of impromptu situations. So, every time God asks me to be calm and patient, I’m always trying to remind Him of everything that is at risk, and why He needs to hurry up with whatever He’s planning. So there it is, please pray that I will be more patient with God’s plans and with people.

God is so good to me, He is calm, stable, unchanging, loving, patient with me, a human. Even when He is the King of all, and rules from heaven, wow! I am surrounded with people who are always trying their best to help me and be there for me, so I am grateful to God for them. I also want to say thank you to everyone, praying for me, sending me letters, supporting me. Thank you all so much, I haven’t forgotten anyone and I keep everyone close to my heart. You all make me feel better and loved, especially when I have 7 to 9 pages to complete;)

Here are the pictures from the past five weeks……..

Snow!!! Pretty but hmmmmph!
Thanksgiving!! See the colorful cap and scarf! Thank you Margie!!
My friends Hannah and Joanne (middle girls) were part of the Chorale at the concert.
So proud of these girls
This is how you smile when you know you don’t have any paper due for the next month..(Maddy and I)

Peace y’all!! Can’t wait to spend my break with you all (I am looking at you T-money, Margie and Mimi) Kisses!!!!


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  1. So proud of you! What an awesome testimony of Gods faithfulness to you even when it’s not easy. Love you continue to be moldable 💗


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