IT IS COOOLLD Y’ALL….and the party just started. I just wanted to let everyone know that I am still alive even though the extreme weather of Pennsylvania is trying to kill me, so keep praying that my body adjusts well. Less than 40 degrees is starting to be the norm here, brrrrr. I don’t think we’ll see the likes of 70 degrees anymore this year, till next year.

So I helped out at a church called One City this evening, they had a ‘trunk or treat’ and we were able to share the gospel too. It was awesome, minus the fact that Maddy and I were freezing. ‘Wise’ me didn’t wear boots, I only had flat shoes on. I had no idea. My toes were so numb I thought at some point they’ll fall off, boy oh boy I am not looking forward to January. Its cold now but its going to get so cold, I wouldn’t know what hit me in the face.

School is going well, the fall semester is almost over, just one month and two weeks left YIPEEE!!( I know…I know, still far away). I love learning but there are some days I’m like-‘get on with it already’. So here are some pictures of the how the fall season is going for me.

Maddy and I today, both of us performing a duet: “I AM FREEZING”
My itty bitty carved pumpkin. Sorry its not that clear, My phone tries its best:)



L-R; Yin, Grace, Moi, et Hannah!!!
Can’t wait to see this little pumpkin in December!!!! (Excuse our glittering tears)

Thank you all so much for keeping up with me! I am grateful! If you are living in a place that is currently warm with an awesome weather, I have a message for you……. ‘Don’t talk to me until you are cold and freezing!!!’


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  1. It’s also gotten cold in KY. Since you are new to winters, watch everyone else and if they dress very warm, you should also. You can always take off a coat if you get warm, which Im guessing may not happen for you. You might also make a habit of checking the weather every morning when you wake up. Stay safe and well.


  2. I was wondering how u are doing. U can come visit me in California it’s not that cold!!

    Megs was sad it didn’t work to see u. Life huh!! 😉

    Are u coming back to Nigeria for December break or staying in the states?!

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