I have been in America for almost two weeks now and this last week has definitely been a weekend of welcome. My school; Lancaster Bible College has a program that extends over the weekend to welcome new students and allow the returning students associate with the freshmen before school and all the work starts. The past four days have been real exciting for me as I was ushered in slowly but surely into the LBC community. I definitely can say that it has been wonderful and it was also a real eye opener for me.

On Thursday I got to meet seven other new international students that will be resuming with me this fall from different countries; Malaysia, Peru, Costa rica, Burkina faso, Ethiopia and of course Nigeria. I can definitely tell all of you that it helped knowing that I was not the only confused one, that it was okay to be disoriented so I did not have to do so much to keep my cool. I was also able to meet with the angel in human form Rosie Lammy (mummy’s best friend), apparently its not only to us she’s been so considerate because everyone one was like: ‘so you’re Rosie? oh! its so great to finally meet you in person, thank you so much, you’ve been a great blessing’. Rosie made everything easier for mummy and I over the course of applying to LBC.

The wonderful Rosie Lammy

On Friday we were given more time to mix and interact with other students and I was really able to connect with my Malaysian friends; Grace and Ziyin, Ziyin is me before you get to know me because she’s a complete introvert, really easy going and Grace is me when we are comfortable with each other- a complete extrovert!

Moi et wonderful Ziyin!
We found the world map and we’re pointing to individual countries (Grace in the middle)

Later in the evening, Grace and I were at the block party the student body organized and we were talking about how we were already culture shocked, how we could be surrounded by people and we still felt lonely or ignored and I remember saying that to get out of that we also need to break down our walls and actually make attempts to have friends. Lo and Behold! a girl walked out the dormitory ( I was eyeing her earlier in the day because she was the only girl I could see that we were the same shade of black) she walked over to us and said ‘Hi! I’m Sandy, you are?’and there it is, the start of another friendship and you just know the difference between the one who is going to stay and ones who just introduce themselves for courtesy or nicety purpose.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-25 at 7.19.56 AM
The Kenyan-American friend Sandy!!!!

The highlight of the week was on Saturday when we were in the Chapel to listen to our president; Dr Peter W. Teague gave us a talk on what to expect at LBC and how we would all be provided the environment needed to achieve our God given purposes. What touched me and that I would like to share is his story about his thirty seven years old daughter; Jessica who was born with severe intellectual damage ( or like one of his phrases-highly retarded). I would like to go into the long story but I will just give you the lesson: when she was born, he and his wife were devastated, disappointed and went through a lot of suffering. Through all these they turned back to God but kept asking why? why? eventually God transformed the question to how? How can you use Jessica for your glory?

We all have or will have a point in our life the question; why? will go from the deepest parts of our hearts to God, the key is not to only cry and rant but also turn back to that God to ask the major question-how? It doesn’t necessarily have to be as devastating as Dr. Teague’s but when your WHY turns to HOW it is definitely life-altering.

P.S. When I say mummy I mean Patrice Miles…so I suggest that you get used to it, I will be using it a lot….Peace everyone!!

Officially part of Charger nation!!!
Welcome by R.A’s and C.A’s!




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