The Journey Begins!

I decided to start on my blog while I am sitting and waiting to board the plane to Addis Ababa and I am a mess right now. I just said goodbye to mummy(Patrice Miles) and it feels like she is coming back to pick me up, we all know that is not happening.

30 Hours Later!!!

I want to say a huge Thank you to all those who were and are praying for me because I felt your prayers. A week to leaving Nigeria, I had a lot going on up in my head, I had never been on a plane before and my first time would be flying all the way to America with three connecting flights. I was scared and anxious that I was somehow going to miss one of my connecting flights and get stuck at someplace( I know!! now that I am typing this it sounds stupid). post It took us five hours to get to Addis Ababa then seven Hours to get to Dublin where we had to refuel and another long seven hours to Washington, where I went through customs and I got on another plane that took me to Philadelphia where the Harrars( the family I am living with was there to pick me up). Through it all I was calm, collected and did not get lost, not even once, all because you guys were praying for me. Thank you!!

Anxious me on the plane to Addis Ababa!

Now I am currently in my precious room typing away!! So thankful to the Harrars that help set it all up especially Sam and Lydia, with them guiding me I feel I will be more prepared for my life in America.

I want to say Thank you again to all those who made this happen by prayers, donations, words of encouragement and so much more. Thank you and God bless!!


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